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Our proficiency in conducting probate, trust, and guardianship property sales stems from our all-encompassing property preparation services. This holistic strategy encompasses decluttering, through cleaning, and targeted updates to boost the  market attractiveness and financial viability of your estate. Recognizing the specific challenges of selling properties under these conditions, we strive to mitigate related stresses, granting you the peace of mind to concentrate on what matters most. With our professional support, we ensure your property showcases its finest qualities, capturing the attention of prospective buyers and maximizing sales results. 

Kristi Neal brings specialized solutions to the table for estates undergoing probate, trust, and guardianship, leveraging her vast knowledge of Houston's intricate real estate market. Her broad expertise enables her to navigate legal obstacles, mediate heir disputes, and secure successful property transactions. C& K Properties commits to protecting your interests and enhancing the financial returns of estates, all with a respectful nod to the memories of your loved ones

C&K Properties, guided by Kristi Neal, stands out in the field of real estate for our specialized ability to manage and facilitate property sales within the probate, trust, and guardianship arena in Houston, TX. Our comprehensive services, from legal expertise to property preparation, aim to remove the complexities and emotional burden from the estate sale process. We dedicate ourselves to delivering solutions that not only meet but exceed the unique requirements of each estate, ensuring the best possible outcome wile honoring the legacy of your loved ones.

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